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SOT Certification Track

Sponsored and approved by SOTO-USA, the following courses are necessary to be eligible to sit for the CSP certification examination (Certified SOT Practitioner).

One must complete the online, self paced course, as well as the live, in-person course. Once those two requirements are fulfilled one is eligible to sit for the CSP exam, held at the spring symposium. 

*Although certification is reserved for chiropractors, anyone with a healthcare license that enables them to diagnose is eligible to take the courses.*

Online Portion of the CSP

This self-paced, online course is a thorough and in-depth look into Sacro Occipital Technique. Hosted by Dr. Jason Scoppa, with valuable insights from experienced SOT doctors, this course will prepare you for the live, in-person review course (described below). Material covered: All 3 SOT Categories, CMRT, Extremities. 

Access is granted for 1 year and aspiring students must show proof of chiropractic licensure or enrollment in a chiropractic school. 

CSP certification is for chiropractors only, however any licensed healthcare professional able to diagnose is eligible to take the course.

Course is designed to be used alongside the SOT manuals.

Approved for CE in some states. 

Questions, or to submit credentials for course access:

Cost: non CE $1200, with CE $1400 

*CE available is select states only, inquire for details. 

Live, In-Person Review Course

This course is designed for those who have taken SOT in the past and would like a review, or for those who have completed the online course. We will move quickly through the SOT material that is going to be covered in the CSP examination, and it will be assumed that you have studied this material before. We will be reviewing all three categories, CMRT, and extremity technique.


This course is required for CSP exam eligibility if the student has taken the online portion. 

CSP certification is reserved for chiropractors only, but any licensed healthcare professional who is able to diagnose is allowed to take this course.

Approved for CE in some states



Location: Seattle area (exact location TBD)

Dates: February 9th-10th, 2024

(this will be two full days, so plan accordingly)

Cost: $950 (CE in select states is available for an increased price, inquire for details)

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